Sublimation Printing Machines


Monti Antonio Roller Heat Press, Model 901

Our calender has been designed for continuous printing of curtains, furnishing fabrics, tablecloths and non-wovens, but also limited runs of promotional materials, textile strips and ribbons and various other textile materials.

Heat-transfer calender with a 350 mm printing cylinder. This model’s cylinder diameter is 350 mm. The maximum mechanic speed is 4.0 m/min. It can be used for heat transfer printing, direct inks reactivation and heat-setting. This model was upgraded in 2012 and it is now controlled through a color touch-screen keyboard.

Flat Heat-Transfer Press

Monti Antonio Flat Heat-Transfer Press, Model 200

This famous and very qualitative model is suitable for large production series. It is equipped with 2 work boards, a counting timer and a thermostat which controls temperature differences of +/-1°. The pressure is fully adjustable through a build-in hydraulic system.

Basic characteristics:
– Sublimation printing press with 2 work boards;
– Sublimation printing press with 2 work boards;
– Temperature adjustment from 0 to 230°C;
– Electronic thermotsat;
– Manual, semi-automatic and automatic functions;
– Motorized movement of the heated plate;
– Build-in hydralic system for pressure control;
– Weekly programmer for automatic switching on and off;
– Stroke counter;
– Touch-screen control;

Sublimation Printer

XT-640 has been designed to deliver the highest level of performance to meet the demanding requirements of the textile industry. It features dual print heads in a staggered formation, delivering high-speed performance at a usable print speed of 41 m²/h. Its reinforced rail, grid roller, and frame provide a firm foundation for smooth operation and exceptional print quality. To capture every gradation and detai of your designl, each head fires precise droplets in up to seven different sizes to accommodate media characteristics and desired print quality.