Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor campaigns have been our passion for 15 years already. That passion has led us to learning many intricacies and minute details, which ensure successful and smooth running of an advertising campaign. Having print capacity of 270 square meters per hour we are able to meet the needs and requirements of large volume brand campaigns and outdoor agencies.

At Printstudio21 we will not only print an advertisement for you. We will listen to you. We will ask you questions. We will discuss with you every detail regarding your future campaign in order to ensure successful outcome and find an optimal solution to your budget.

The most common options for outdoor advertising are:

  • Billboards type Pisa, dimensions: 4.00 х 3.00 m or approximate. Most often printing is done on vinyl. Pisa is a static facility. Dynamic facilities of Scroller type become increasingly frequent with visible part size: 3.65 х 2.42 m or approximate. Print media used is a specialized paper with enhanced mechanical properties. Both types are used mostly in urban conditions.
  • City lights are facilities used mainly in pedestrian areas. Dimensions: 1.20 x 1.80 m. Printing on paper.
  • Bus shelter branding: Generally city lights are used or partial foil wrap is performed.
  • Megaboards with dimensions or variations of size 8.00 х 3.00 m, 8.00 х 4.00 m, 12.00 х 5.00 m, 12.00 х 4.00 m and other. They are mainly used for advertisements in the National Road Network (NRN). Billboards with similar dimensions can be seen in urban areas on arched over-bridge road facilities.
  • Blind wall with dimensions varying in size that may be extremely impressive and the final effect may be even greater. The most common print media is vinyl mesh and coated vinyl is also often used for these outdoor giant formats.

What does it take for an outdoor advertising campaign to be successful?
Outdoor advertising presents your business to a very large audience. Therefore, we, at PrintStudio21, know how important it is for an ad to promote you in an attractive and desired position and maintain your good business image. In order for this to happen a number of things need to be present.

Some of the most important characteristics are advertisement vision design and message quality. Are they aimed at target audience (intended users) and do they “speak their language”? Is everything in conformity with brand identity – colors, shapes, message? Is the text large enough and easily readable from the intended viewing distance? Often the answers to these questions could not be easily seen on the designer’s monitor. We are ready to give you an adequate advice, as well as to prepare samples (scale model or actual dimensions), so that you make sure you choose the best option for your vision.

Proper and good media planning is the foundation of success for any outdoor campaign. Outdoor advertisement locations, where the message is most likely to be noticed by brand audience, as well as calculation of contact time during which prospective customers will be able to view the ad, are of utmost importance. Based on that the amount of text included in the ad, simplicity of vision and display frequency is determined.

The quality of media on which printing will be done, as well as the quality of print, provide the finishing touches needed for end result. The joy of the low price of some of the above components might leave a bitter taste in your mouth plus a failed campaign in case material used breaks due to its low quality. We will take into consideration advertisement length of exposure and weather conditions (according to season) in order to recommend the type and thickness of media than may be used.

Structures with non-standard size and location (glass facades, blind walls, fences, scaffoldings, etc.) must be properly measured, having in mind the advertising panel installation method, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprise. Our experts will do this for you to ensure better final result.

Perfectly executed installation may not be noticeable, but if poorly executed, it will definitely spoil the overall impression even if it refers to good advertising campaigns.