Store Branding

The vision of your office or business premises is the first thing your future customers will notice when they come to visit you. As we know, this is what creates a first impression and it could often be the key factor for making a purchase decision. Printstudio21 has a rich experience in providing a visually appealing appearance of your business.

You can get consultancy and idea realization in relation to some of the services we offer:

  • Overall or partial branding of buildings and glass façades. Due to lifting equipment we are able to wrap objects situated at a significant height;
  • Branded window displays – outdoor and indoor. The type of media used may vary. Thick foils (matt or gloss), perforated foil and other are used for outdoor displays. For indoor window displays, located in large shopping centers such as malls, other types of media may be used – textile frames (illuminate or not, single-sided or double-sided) and other non-standard interior solutions;
  • Interior space branding – offices, shopping centers, mall spaces, stands, fair booths and exhibitions, various events and conferences. We can offer you large amounts of creativity and ideas. Starting from coated foils with various spreading effects to foils that create new interior vision imitating leather, metal, concrete, varnish, etc. by the leading American company 3M.
  • Transforming outdoor spaces into winter-ready with individual brand style and vision;

After initial examination, taking photographs and measures, we will provide you with drafts for performance and visualization. There are multiple options and a choice should be made depending on desired effect, workable area, type of media used and way of implementation and installation.