Sublimation (Textile Printing)

With the development of technologies and new scientific achievements, the demand for quality and highly varied products is growing. Such process may also be observed in textile industry. One of the relatively new textile printing techniques sublimation, provides significant advantages over other printing techniques used so far.

What is sublimation?

The term sublimation describes a process in which a substance is converted from solid to gaseous state without passing through a liquid phase. Due to that physical phenomenon the typical resistance of sublimation printing to various types of treatment is made possible.

How exactly does the printing on fabric through sublimation happens?

Sublimation printing involves the use of a digital printer to produce mirrored images on paper that is specially coated with transfer material. Printing of an image on the material goes through 2 stages. The first stage is the so called heating process. During this stage, a transfer paper is placed on a heat press along with the substrate and it is then subjected to temperature of 170 to 200 degrees Celsius. This allows the ink and the transfer material to switch from liquid to gaseous state. Once the ink and transfer material become converted into gaseous state, they penetrate the substrate material fibers (the fabric on which printing is performed). The second stage involves ink transfer and bonding. After the heating process is completed, the ink that has penetrated the substrate solidifies and becomes permanently fixed onto the transfer material.

Sublimation printing and its advantages over other printing techniques

Advantages are made possible due to a specific feature of the sublimation process, namely binding of the ink to the fabric.

  • Durability of colors and exceptional image quality.
  • Extremely high resistance of print to various types of agents. Durability at high temperature washing and various mechanical influences – stretching, friction, ironing.

What are the characteristic features of sublimation?

The type of fabric used for sublimation should be polymer – polyester, polyamide, etc. The percentage of natural fibers allowed, such as cotton or similar, should be up to 30% of the fabric composition. In such cases, samples for print quality and durability are required due to poor bonding of ink with natural fabrics.

Printing can be done on the whole fabric roll or on pre-cut pieces as well as further cutting may be performed.

What can sublimation printing be used for?

Sublimation printing for advertising materials and promotional event materials on textile

These include all textile materials used for organization of promotions, advertising events and exhibitions:

Flags, T-shirts, fabric bags, aprons, scarves, polar blankets, tablecloths, towels, rugs and door mats. Rugs and carpet strips can be made custom-sized and with individual or corporate design, which is a modern and conceptual solution for furnishing of commercial office space, hotels and restaurants. You will get noticed much easily and stand out from competitors during an exhibition or fair participation.

Fixed (wall, floor or ceiling mounted) or mobile textile frames

Fabric wall murals can be stretched by means of special silicone strips on aluminum frames. Frames can be illuminated or not, one-sided or double-sided. Profile thickness may vary from 16 mm to 160 mm according to the variety of their application.

Aluminum-framed mobile walls (mobile panels). Various shaped and sized, reusable with lightweight, easily transported and easily assembled structures that may be used multiple times with various textile panels. Easily installed even by non-professionals. Along with promotion desks, these are used for various advertising and promotional events, conferences, competitions, portable stands and office space. Printstudio21 offers textile printing for mobile panels as well as structures for them.

Sportswear and swimwear sublimation printing

Printstudio21 has an extensive expertise due to its longstanding partnership for major international companies, specialized in the production of professional sports equipment for various sports, brands and national formations.

Sublimation fabric printing for the fashion and clothing industry

Thanks to the equipment we already have, we are able to achieve very high quality of our products and fulfill large-volume orders in the required timeframe.

Sublimation printing used for interior design of offices, hotels, restaurants and bars. Sublimation printing used for private home decoration.

We make rugs, carpet strips, curtains, cushions, table cloths, towels and napkins in individual design and various sizes.

We also apply images on upholstery fabrics and that is particularly suitable if you want to give an individual look to the furnishing of your hotel or other establishment.


Carpets and floor mats

Other – aprons, scarves, pillow-cases, cushions