Why is it important TO PREPARE YOUR FILES?

When submitting files for printing it is very important to prepare them according to the print requirements depending on what type of medium they will be printed.
As we offer a wide range of media options for printing, we will discuss some of the most common examples.

Wide-format Printing, Billboard Printing

When submitting files for billboard and scrolling sign printing it is important to comply with several requirements.

The first step is to prepare the file according to the required size. The standard billboard size is 4 m x 3 m. Depending on the rented equipment there are different mounting options that would set the visible part of your advertisement. It is best to consult the company from which you rent the equipment and request a size plan. The exact dimensions should be described there, as well as the visible part of the advertisement and what is likely to get under the so called top cover and remain hidden after mounting of the vinyl.

For a billboard with a standard size of 4 m x 3 m we require the file to be prepared either in 1:1 scale 100 dpi or 1:10 – 500 dpi for a lighter work. In other words the file should be 400 cm x 300 cm at 100 dpi or 40 cm x 30 cm at 500 dpi.

The file should be a TIFF format, layers need to be flattened, all black and gray colors should be composite, set in a CMYK color mode.



In order to check your files are up to our requirements for wideformat printing, please review the rules here.

To check files for siblimation, review the rules here.