Clothing textile printing

Clothing textile printing


Specialized sporting clothes for various types of sports


Printing of custom T-shirts and specific brand T-shirts

Sports bras and tank tops

Comfort and personalization


Custom printed leggings with recognized patterns and fabrics


Your brand design printed on swimwear

Sports accessories

Various types of sports accessories – branded with your logo and made with your design

Fabric printing fot the fashion industry

Sublimation printing is significantly entering fashion industry

Scarves and bandanas

Scarves and bandanas with your corporate symbols and logo or with your design of your personal or trade brand

Textile bags

Design and printing of textile bags – the new accessory trend

Printing on fabric as part of the production process of clothing and accessories

Textile printing for the fashion industry and sportswear is another great passion of ours.

For nearly 10 years we have been partners and subcontractors of large companies specializing in the production of professional sportswear.
We are well aware of the particular characteristics of sports fabric printing, the achievement of accurate colours and fabric colour samples, the specifics of fabrics used in various sports equipment. We are glad we have taken part in the sportswear design for a number of national teams.

At the same time, we have gone deeper and started printing and branding sports and fitness accessories.

We have directed our experience to the fashion industry as well, focusing on collaboration with fashion designers and clothing manufacturers.

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