Company folders and envelopes

Company folders and envelopes

Branded folders and envelope printing

Company folders

Branded company folders and envelopes that reach your potential or current customers are another way to build your brand image and impression.

Most advertising folders are made of cardboard of various weight and are equipped with inner pocket sections to hold sheets of paper. The interior pocket can be with or without printing and with or without a business card slot. Corporate folders may also be used to hold a large number of documents. In this case the side edge of the folder should be wider in order to hold a high volume of sheets. Polish, laminate, gold or silver effects and punching can be additionally used in the process of folder production and printing.

Company mailing envelopes

We offer printing of company letter envelopes in different sizes B4, C4, C5, B5, DL business envelopes, etc. They can be in either a portrait or landscape orientation. Envelopes can be fully branded or only the company logo can be added depending on the desirable effect.

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