Advertising walls for events and presentations

Advertising walls for events and presentations

Photo wall or "wall of glory" - the appropriate background to capture a special moment

When organizing different types of events, it is necessary to create a certain atmosphere, emphasize sometimes on particular information, such as the essence of the event, as well as prepare a photo corner where guests can mark their presence. Textile photo walls come to the rescue here.

Where photo walls are used

  • Events of personal nature – organizing an anniversary, wedding, birthday, themed party, etc.;
  • Official events – organizing competitions, performances, premieres;
  • Promotional campaigns and presentations – organizing corporate events and meetings, presentations to clients, trainings, seminars, conferences, organization of product presentations, promotional campaigns, etc.

Photo walls are textile walls, which do not cause glare in photos due to concept printed on fabric. This enables you to get high quality photos without annoying glare. Standard straight walls are 250 cm x 230 cm and 300 cm x 230 cm. They are mobile and compact in size when disassembled and come with a transport case. We will also create a design of your concept, preliminary visualization, printing and production of textile panels.

Until recently banner walls were used at events, but textile walls achieve a much more aesthetic vision and greater image effect, unlike banner walls.

What are the advantages of textile photo walls over vinyl banner walls?

  • Elegant, soft and refined look. Supporting the good image of your company and the image of the event.
  • Especially suitable for photo and video sessions. Visually, vinyl and banner glare is eliminated.
  • Possibility for frequent and fast change of visions. The fabric is a lightweight material and can be easily replaced. Suitable for washing and ironing.
  • Compact in storage. For example, vinyl measuring 3 x 3 m should be wound on a reusable spool, while fabric of similar size would fit in a plastic bag.
  • Perfect and easy installation is enabled. The fabric is stretched as tightly as possible. There is no option of getting creases or sags, which are often another major drawback of vinyl walls.
  • No installation costs. Textile wall assembly is very easy and can be done by anyone. There is no need for qualified staff or an external contractor to perform it. Therefore, these costs are eliminated.
  • Installation in a few minutes. It is so easy that it only takes a couple of minutes to fix the structure and stretch the textile image on it.
  • Easily portable. The structure on which the fabric is stretched is lightweight and not bulky. This allows easy storage and easy transport.
  • Low transport costs. If you need logistics for the facility to remote locations, the costs are significantly lower. This comes from the light equipment, the low weight of textile compared to banner medium, and the compact folding structures of the rectangular walls.
  • Ecologically compliant. Textiles and inks used for sublimation printing are much more environmentally friendly than banner medium.

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