Stages and decor

Stages and decor

Printing solutions for stages and decor

Contemporary materials and implementation options are widely used in the design of stages and decor for art performances and special events. They enable the fulfillment of an increasing number of ideas of the artistic design of the stage. They also ensure the absence of glare in digital coverage of the event – photo and video recording.

One of our most commonly used materials for decor is fabric. It is possible to print on fabric almost any vision required for the stage artistic design. Textile looks good, does not cause glare, falls softly and is easily transportable and stored. Textile decor can be mounted through various mechanisms. Backlit fabrics allow backlighting. Fabrics may also be used as partition walls where printing of specific vision is needed.

Screens and structures of solid panels such as PVC, cut into a certain shape, are also used in the preparation of theatre decor, opera, ballet and other events. 3D illuminated fixtures and figures are also included as elements in the decor.

Very often specific solutions are needed to meet the requirements of a project. Our extensive experience and cooperation with companies engaged in exhibition stand construction enable us to perform various types of operations, such as construction of stage furniture, podiums, etc.

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