Textile bags

The textile bag as a fashion accessory

Textile bags are becoming more and more common women’s accessories in everyday life and fashion. They can be entirely produced of fabric or only individual parts of them can be made of sublimated textile, while the rest may be of leather or other more standard material.

We offer both sublimation and design of fabric, sewing patterns with different shapes and sizes, as well as sewing of the final product. Braiding of various density and width may be used for some models, as this element may also be sublimated.

Sports drawstring bags become preferable model for everyday life for the ladies and for men as well because of their convenience they offer. The sweing pattern is universal. They are easy to maintain, washable, colors and fabric are resistant to high temeperatures. We offer a conceptual design according to the client’s requirements and sweing to ready made final product.

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