Indoor advertising

Indoor advertising

Business and commercial facility branding

We offer complex solutions for the overall branding of your business facility or office

Branding of lifts and escalators

Lifts and escalators are strategic places for your advertisement


Effective illuminated interior advertisements in various shapes and sizes

LED banners

LED banners – attractive appearance and functionality due to their easy mobility

Roll-up banners

A traditional tool in indoor advertising, particularly useful for promotional events

Directional and information signs

According to your needs we make directional and informan signs in various sizes and application

Textile frames and advertising walls

Textile frames and advertising walls completely replace and surpass vinyl walls in their appearance and functionality

3D letters and illuminated letters

Design, manufacture and installation of 3D and illuminated letters for your interior project and advertising

Advertising displays

Advertising displays, retail displays and showcases enable you to use various techniques and materials to advertise your product or service

What can we do for your indoor advertising?

Indoor advertising aims at arranging a specific interior space of indoor commercial or public premises, shaping your brand image and directing consumers to certain products, services and messages.

Concerning indoor advertising production for your facility and business, Printstudio 21 will assist you with the following:

  • Design, printing, production and assembly of all advertising products, signboards, information boards and banners, flags, illuminated advertisements and 3D letters. Interior printing solutions for shop windows, panels, floor stickers, wall decor, shelves, stands and promotional displays.
  • Printing, production and installation of advertising materials, printing solutions and interior elements according to a given interior project by designers and interior studios.
  • Information about all printed materials needed for a start-up business and a newly opened facility.
  • Professional advice on the organization of advertising space, corporate and brand elements. Ideas for the type and manner of execution of elements, shop windows and decors in commercial, office and public spaces.

Do you need a reliable business partner?

We understand the importance of presenting your business and products to customers and partners. We are here to help you with the best solution and implementation.