Directional and information signs

Directional and information signs

Indication signs and information boards

Directional and information signs

Indication and information signs are widely used in public spaces and offices. They are very diverse in size, shape and material from which they are made. Choosing the right type depends on the location of the sign and the information it will contain. Most are purely informative and guiding while others fill up the interior design or support the brand concept depending on the material used and the production method.

These types of signs can be made of plexiglass or polycarbonate, of various composite panels which are lightweight materials with a contemporary and modern vision. They are mounted by spacers or directly to the base.

Signs can also be made of other materials such as metal, aluminum profile systems of different shape and complexity with replaceable slats and standardized elements.

These types of signs can be placed on desks, office doors, establishments, clinics, reception desks, elevators, walls and other public spaces.

Snap frames and advertising posters

Snap frames are another very popular way to exhibit your advertising vision, product vision or present an ongoing promotional campaign. They are hung on a wall or hung from the ceiling and come in different sizes from A4 to B1. Frame colours are silver and black.

Your information and advertising message can be positioned in various profile systems for posters and placards that we offer. They may be placed on walls, windows and glass showcases by means of suction cups, hung from the ceiling through poster rail systems or fitted by special rope suspension systems.

Snap frames and poster hanging mechanisms are particularly suitable for frequent change of visions and advertising posters.

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