Modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stands

Portable textile stands for fairs and exhibitions

Participating in an exhibition does not require the use of a solid construction stand. If you are looking for a budget solution but you would like to have an attractive stand for visitors, you can bet on modular textile stands.

Textile stands are lightweight and easily portable. They are made of an aluminum structure frame and fabric that covers the structure. The fabric is elastic, enabling perfect stretching without folds and sagging.

Mobile stands allow easy storage. Due to the compact size of both frame and fabric, these types of fair stands do not take up much space when stored and transported to the exhibition location.

The stands are personalized. We prepare the design and visualization; once you approve the project, we produce the stand textile piece. The fabric is sublimated / printed and sewn as per the required measurements.

Modular elements are easy to assemble and do not require specialized skills.

Modular stands can be used multiple times. The textile part of exhibition stand is washable and ironable; colours do not fade due to the specific method of printing. Changing visions when needed is also easy and cost-effective. You may have one structure and several textile panels with different images printed on them.

You can select a combination of several elements to give a complete finished look of your stand. The combination of walls in various shapes and sizes – straight, elliptical, S-shaped, arches, lecterns, banners, etc., will give a complete finished look of the exhibition stand. Some of the elements can also be illuminated. Textile walls can serve as a screen and divide the space into separate corners. They can be combined in different ways; thus you get several variants of the elements you have.
You can assemble your stand from number of modular parts in a horizontal and vertical direction, so you can have the size that fits your project needs. The modular system could be illuminated as well.

You can buy and use separate elements of modular stands, which could be attached to your main stand. For example, a lectern – lighted/unlit, textile frames to be attached to the solid structure, hanging textile friezes or a textile wall to complement your main vision.

How to choose the right textile stand

Consultation with our team – after we specify the space you have, the exhibition area you will rent and your requirements, we will offer you the appropriate elements and combinations.

We will prepare a design for your exhibition stand and a visualization of the project.

We will produce the textile part of the stand – we will print the fabric and sew it according to the set parameters of the construction.

We will show you how you can assemble your modular stand yourself.

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