Bus and truck branding

Bus and truck branding

Visibility of your cargo vehicles

Branding your cargo vehicle brings extra visibility and publicity for your company. Moreover, the distinctive vision of branded buses and trucks, which are used in company daily activities, has long become a common and necessary part of corporate identity.

The first step in branding your bus or truck is to get exact measurements. We prepare a design and visualization based on your requirements. We use cast films of the leading manufacturer 3M. They are characterized with very good elasticity, which enables precise film application on transition and large areas of the cargo vehicle. In line with your requirements, type of project and budget, polymer films may also be used where great flexibility of material is not required.

With regard to buses partial (half wrap) and overall (full wrap) branding is possible.
Trucks can only be partially wrapped. Depending on the type of cargo area of the truck, a rigid or cover truck, branding is carried out in a different way. Banner films are used.

Automotive films are characterized with high resistance to changing and adverse weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, low temperatures, snow, and regular use of auto cleaners.

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