Textile frames and advertising walls

Textile frames and advertising walls

Advertising and information textile walls

The advertising vision and message in your office or business facility can be printed on fabric and stretched on various types of lightweight equipment.

Textile frames are designed to be hung on a wall.

We produce them in sizes requested by the client. Frame profiles are made of aluminum and have different widths.

Printed fabric is inserted in the frame groove by means of a silicone tape and thus becomes stretched over it. The fabric is washable and easily maintained. You can change the frame concept in accordance with your preferences.

Installation is extremely fast and does not require any special skills.

They are used in commercial facilities, offices, hotels, etc.

Advertising walls, also called promotional walls, are free-standing mobile devices.

They are designed to present an advertising or corporate vision on a larger area in your office, hotel, event or presentation. Wall dimensions are 250 cm x 230 cm and 300 cm x 230 cm.

Their structure is made of aluminum, resulting in very lightweight and easily portable walls. That makes them very convenient in case you want to change the advertising equipment position in your facility or arrange the space for presentation and promotional activity.

The advertising wall is covered with fabric, printed with the desirable vision. It can be printed double-sided or single-sided, depending on the location of the structure. Textile canvas fits tightly against the frame, literally dressing it up. These units are a convenient option in case frequent concept changes are intended. Thus, you can have one wall and multiple fabric visions. That fabric is easily stored as it does not take up much space; it is washable and ironable.

Advertising walls are detachable and particularly compact in stowed position. They come in their own transport bag and are easily portable.

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