Advertising signs

Advertising signs

Design and installation of advertising signs

Types of advertising signs

Signs may be illuminated or not illuminated, in the form of relatively regular shaped boxes or volumetric/3D letters and signs (logos). The methods of implementation, installation and illumination are strictly individual, depending both on the characteristics of the premises (façade) and the budget allocated to this assignment.

Outdoor advertising signs are commonly used to indicate precise location of a store or a corporate office. At the same time, they also serve as an advertising spot for the audience passing by your facility that is not familiar with your business activity. They are especially effective when illuminated; thus they become visible and eye-catching even in the dark.

Design of advertising signs

There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes of our advertising signs as well as their assembly position and height.

Advertising signs can be mounted above the facility entrance, on the façade side, on a standalone structure (Advertising Totem type) or on top of the building.
Those intended for installation on building tops are very large and often designed in the form of volumetric luminous letters, or luminous logo. A separate supporting structure is required.

Advertising signs are usually made of a metal or aluminum box as a supporting element and a medium on which the ad is printed.
Illuminated advertisements are printed on backlit banner medium or translucent vinyl, mounted on a transparent plexiglass or opal panel.

The vision of non-luminous signs can be printed or mounted on banner medium, panel or etalbond. Etalbond is a relatively durable material because it is not affected by weather conditions.

Illuminated signs or illuminated 3D letters use LED panel lighting.

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