Our printing department equipment

We have invested in equipment that provides high-quality printed products and speed of the manufacturing process. In our Production department we have 4 wide-format printers, 1 digital printer, 3 sublimation printers, 1 calender and 1 heat-transfer press, as well as a large number of finishing operation machines.

Wide-format printing equipment

We have four wide-format printers that are able to cover the needs of large-scale brand advertising campaigns and outdoor agencies, respond quickly when needed, and ensure accurate compliance with the deadlines of orders, submitted by our customers.

Three of them, Flora and Storm jet, have a print width of up to 3.20 m and a total capacity of 270 square meters per hour. They have a printing resolution of 600 dpi and work with solvent inks. They are used to print media and outdoor advertising products.

The fourth wide-format printer, HP Latex 375, has a maximum print width of 160 cm and a printing resolution of 1200 dpi. A high-end printer that delivers an extremely high quality of printed images to ensure critical viewing of the vision at very close range. It is suitable for interior solutions, printing of home products such as wallpapers and pictures, food packaging as it works with harmless and maximum environmentally friendly water-based latex inks, without residual odor. HP latex inks are scratch-resistant and highly durable to mechanical or temperature influence.

Sublimation printing machines

Our specialization in sublimation printing and our long-term cooperation with established manufacturers of textile products for the international market has led to equipment with high class devices allowing us to meet the needs of our customers.

HP stitch S printer series prints on sublimation paper as well as direct textile printing. It has a maximum print width of 160 cm and a speed of 36 square meters per hour;

True jet with a maximum print width of 160 cm and a speed of 48 square meters per hour;

Roland XJ 640 SoLJet Pro with a maximum print width of 160 cm and a speed of 12 square meters per hour. This printer also works with fluorescent inks, allowing us to accept specific orders from our customers who require fluorescent printing for their products.

Sublimation printing calender machine

Being highly productive in the field of sublimation of finished products and roll printing requires high-end sublimation calenders.

Monti Antonio Roller Heat Press, Model 901 with additional board for sublimation of pre-cut details. Used in fashion and sports textiles.
This model’s cylinder diameter is 350 mm. The maximum mechanic speed is 4.0 m/min. It can be used for heat transfer printing, direct ink reactivation and thermosetting.

Heat-Transferr Press for Sublimation

Monti Antonio Flat Heat-Transfer Press, Model 200 sized 180х130. This famous and qualitative model is suitable for large production series. It is equipped with 2 work boards, a counting timer and a thermostat which controls temperature differences of +/-1°. Pressure is fully adjustable through a build-in hydraulic system.

Basic characteristics:

  • Sublimation printing press with 2 work boards;
  • Temperature adjustment from 0 to 230°C;
  • Electronic thermostat;
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic functions;
  • Motorized movement of the heated plate;
  • Build-in hydraulic system for pressure control;

Digital printing equipment

We are equipped with a digital printer Xerox Versant 180 Press. The printer allows colour printing up to 80 pages per minute of materials up to 350 grams/m. Print media size: up to SRA3 +/330 x 488 mm. Print resolution: 2400x2400dpi with digital control of halftones.

Heat-transfer mug press

Heat transfer mug press with an option for simultaneous transfer of two mugs.

Heat-transfer press 40x30

We use a semi-automatic heat-transfer press with a table size of 40 cm x 30 cm. It is used mainly for transfer of printed or coloured textile foils on finished products – T-shirts, tank tops, towels, etc.

Equipment for finishing processes

We are equipped with devices for finishing processes, providing multiple finishing services, such as folding, scoring, cold and hot lamination, cutting, stapling, rounding corners, perforation, etc.

Some of them include:

  • Paper guillotine
  • Hot laminator
  • Other finishing equipment – scoring machines, drilling machines, binding machines, etc.
  • Cold laminator, eyeletting machine, hot air welding machine.
  • Sewing machines

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