Advertising displays

Advertising displays

Presentation of your products

The purpose of advertising displays is to present your product or service in such a way it becomes more noticeable among other articles at your facility.

They can be:

  • Simplified version. Standard product displays with branded elements, including logo and product information. With space for brochures and information leaflets. Design and branding of your retail window, stand or promo counter.
  • Textile walls – collapsible mobile walls where you can present the advertising vision of your product/service. They can be permanently installed in your office, in a business facility during a promotional activity or as a POS display for product or event promotion.
  • Advertising displays can be much more complex devices that rely on the creative and engaging presentation of the product, service or project that your company presents to the market. Various elements and materials are included in the design and construction of this type of advertising displays, such as panels, 3D letters and forms, lighting, printing on vinyl, fabric, glass, etc.

Advertising displays are more often used for temporary promotional activities and events, but sometimes they can be installed for a much longer term, depending on the advertising campaign period and the decisions of product managers and brand managers.

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