Non-standard design ideas

Non-standard design ideas

Implementation of non-standard design elements for interior projects

Raising the standards and offering increasing innovative ideas in interior design has expanded the needs and requirements for the production of various elements of interior projects. The introduction of various combinations of materials in interior design and printing has involved the printing companies as performers of these elements. This gives greater freedom to interior design studios for new ideas and certainty to ensure their implementation.

Printstudio 21 offers development of complex solutions for non-standard interior ideas and products, individually and in combination:

  • Individual use of Scandinavian moss or combined with various panels and materials;
  • Printing of glass films and furniture panel films;
  • Foil printing for transparent plexiglass and polycarbonate panels, as vinyl printing can imitate various surfaces and textures, such as stone, onyx, wood, etc. The combination of these panels and LED backlighting achieves greater effect;
  • Production of textile frames with fabric print for installation in alcoves. They can also be fitted with backlighting.

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