Transport advertising

Transport advertising

Full wrap or half wrap of your company vehicle – the effect is always visible

A huge advertisement for your large-sized vehicles

An easy way to be always in close proximity to your clients

By branding a bus with your advertising message you turn it into a mobile megaboard

Advertisements on non-standard resources will always help you stand out

Your ad is displayed anywhere your potential customers are

Transport advertising is widely used due to its high efficiency.
It serves as a support tool in advertising campaigns, but it does very well in achieving its goal – brand recognition. Your trademark/brand/product name reaches users’ minds as often as possible and is remembered and recognized in the future.
Increasing mobility of people and large amount of time spent in urban traffic are contributing factors.

Transport advertising may be carried out in two ways:

  • Own/company vehicles. In this case you use available and free-of-charge advertising space, which is economically advantageous to you.
  • Public transport advertising – public vehicles, public transport stops and metro stations. The advantage here is the large flow of people and their time spent waiting and travelling.

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