Vehicle branding

Vehicle graphics

Branding of vehicles turns them into a mobile business card of your company. Just like any other ad designed for your business, it should be done in a way that will inspire confidence in you. Precise wrap application will contribute to this and creative design will grab people’s attention.

How can your vehicle get branded?

We use special automotive cast films and laminates by 3M, a leading American company, to ensure perfect execution of your project. Cast films are flexible and elastic, enabling wrapping of 3D plains – car fenders, transition parts.
For clients on a tighter budget, polymer films are more suitable with an option of partial branding only – without doing the external projections and transition parts. Based on the project, we may also use one-way vision vinyl in case of installing graphics on windows. Half wrap or ful wrap of the vehicle may be carried out.

Automotive films are designed for outdoor use, highly resistant to weather conditions, such as temperature fluctuations, rain, UV rays, and auto cleaners.

Conditions for vehicle branding

Specific temperature conditions of at least 10 degrees are required for the installation. That can sometimes lead to scheduling issues. In the production section of our printing company we have specialized indoor space where required temperature is maintained for the purpose of vehicle branding installation, without taking into account the weather conditions.

What are the reasons to brand company vehicles?

You use your vehicle free advertising space.
Your ad appears in many places. Wherever your car goes, there goes your company name.
You can afford being as creative as you want in the design of the project to attract extra attention and be remembered.

Do you need a reliable business partner?

We understand the importance of presenting your business and products to customers and partners. We are here to help you with the best solution and implementation.