Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising


The classic representative of outdoor advertising that still functions effectively

Scrolling boards

Scrolling boards increase your ads visibility due to moving images


Size matters when it comes to presenting your business

City lights

An opportunity to be seen at closer range and provide your prospective customers with more details

Blind façade advertising

Blind façade graphics may reach impressive dimensions and cause a wow effect – we know how to achieve that

Building wraps

We turn visual disadvantages of buildings under construction into effect – aesthetic and functional

Advertising signs

Design and installation of illuminated signs and advertising boards – an extremely versatile range of type and size


A very common tool for advertising and attracting customers’ attention to your facility.

Retail window graphics and branding for façades

Using your own advertising space is cost saving for the business and it improves visual communication for your brand

Better visibility for your business

Outdoor campaigns and outdoor advertising have been our passion for over 18 years. This devotion has resulted in the adoption of many subtleties and details to ensure successful and smooth running of an advertising campaign.

Printing capacity – With a capacity of more than 270 square meters per hour, we are able to meet the needs and requirements of large-scale brand campaigns and outdoor agencies.

Observing deadlines for order execution – One of the most important requirements of any outdoor agency. Every single order we deliver to Plovdiv, Sofia and throughout the country arrives within a strict timeframe to be put up by the assembly groups in time for the campaign start date.

Quick response when needed – You can rely on us if any changes occur in your campaign or your clients’ campaigns. Our customers should see us as partners. That means security, trust and reliability.

Quality printing and installation – Outdoor advertising campaigns are usually a part of the branding strategy and have an image effect. Respectively, a poor print performance or use of inappropriate printing media and finishing techniques is in contradiction with the good image of the brand. We count on perfect printing, full-scale colour samples, use of quality paper and quality zippers for outdoor advertising scrollers, selection of suitable vinyl and foil according to project.

Do you need a reliable business partner?

We understand the importance of presenting your business and products to customers and partners. We are here to help you with the best solution and implementation.