Graphic design of printed materials, web banners and websites

Graphic designers

The design department of Printstudio 21 represents a very important part of our team because everything starts there. Whether you have a ready design or we are just starting to prepare it, every single file we get from customers is opened by our professionals to make sure that it meets specific printing requirements.

Our designers specialize in the field of pre-press processing and design projects for advertising and branding. In addition, some of them have further specialization in specific areas. We have a narrow specialist in the development of clothing design models, a narrow specialist in the graphic design preparation for online environment, a specialist in interior solutions.

What can we do for you in our design department?

Design of advertising materials and printed materials for advertising campaigns – design and pre-press preparation of billboards, city lights, bus stops for outdoor advertising campaigns. Design of corporate materials – business cards, brochures, company folders, catalogs, design projects of branded company products and promotional products, wedding invitations and cards, packaging design.

Preparation of design projects for facility and vehicle branding – design for branding of retail windows and commercial facilities, design of signs, design of specific interior solutions for interior spaces – offices, hotels, public spaces, including individually designed interior textiles.

Design and preparation of corporate identity – logo, corporate vision and brand guidelines as to observe brand consistency in the creation of printed and advertising material and the preparation of digital assets. Design solutions supporting the formation of individual image of your brand’s physical facility. Thus, your business location will be easily distinguishable and recognizable; it will provoke emotional reactions and engagement among your customers.

Clothing design and projects for the textile industry – clothing pattern designs for the sports industry, design of sports accessories, clothing design for the fashion industry.

Digital space design – design of web banners, preparation of banners for social networks, graphic design for website projects, graphic, UI and UX design.

What is pre-press file preparation?

Even if you have a ready design, it does not mean it is ready for printing. In order to perform printing, the file must be prepared in such a way as to be read by the printing machines and comply with certain technical specifications for printing and assembly.

Pre-press processing includes quality review of the image – not every image is suitable for printing. Even if it looks perfect on the computer screen, high quality (resolution) of the file is required in order to be suitable for printing. Otherwise, the image will be blurred and unclear when printed. We ensure font settings, colour accuracy, technical features of the finishing processes – pockets, spacing and trapping, resizing and arrangement. In pre-press we provide soft proof ICC profiles for each printer and each print material. The final stage is converting the file to printable one.

How do we ensure high quality and satisfy your desired outcome?

Regular trainings. Our designers participate in further trainings and specialized courses to maintain their competencies at a high level and keep up with the trends in the field.

Colour samples. In order to get perfect end result of the printed product, especially when the detail is of great importance, we prepare colour samples. In textile printing we work with professional Pantone colour palettes for textile. Sometimes our work with companies, producing clothing collections with a large number of models, requires a few months of pre-work and arrangements for the preparation of colour samples. This guarantees high quality of colours and production. In wide-format printing we use Huber colour chart in order to adhere to the standards.

Marketing specialists. Our team also includes a marketing specialist, whose professional assistance is essential in preparing your projects of advertising materials, corporate identity, brand vision, logo design, advertising banners and visions for social media, UX design. In these cases it is necessary to study in advance the environment in which your business operates, including trends, consumers and competitors, in order to prepare a successful and working tool for you.

Specialized software products. We use only licensed software of Adobe products – Photoshop, Indesign, Adobe Xd, Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dimension, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Graphic design pricing

The cost of preparing a design for your project is determined by its complexity and size. Each assignment is specific, non-identical and requires a different amount of work. After you present the task, our designers estimate the amount of effort hours required to complete the project. The price is formed accordingly.

Guidelines for submitting files

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