Advertising bags

Paper bags for advertising

Creating a great impression of your brand in the eyes of the end user at the time of purchase now involves the use of appropriate branded transport packaging or bag.

Paper bag printed with your logo and brand vision is a perfect choice if the products you sell are not fast-moving, not very heavy and if your customers’ opinion is important to you. Paper bags are durable, with a reinforced bottom, aesthetically pleasing and an environmentally friendly solution. Besides, they are an additional advertisement of your brand, because the nice look of the bag encourages customers to reuse it, thus making your brand present wherever users go.

Depending on the type of product and the desirable image, we will offer you different kinds of bags and design for them. The paper from which they are made can be of various textures and finishes – matte, glossy. The handles can also be of various types. For high-value products the focus is particularly on the effective and stylish design that matches the product image.

We work with a design submitted by you or we prepare a project according to the parameters and brand guides set by you.

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