Advertising walls for events and presentations

Fabric walls – a much better choice for your event compared to vinyl walls

Event displays and banners

Promotional displays and banners – a standard and convenient way of informing visitors at your event

Printed materials for events

From invitations, drink coasters and nameplates to printing of specific items for a particular event – a broad choice depending on the purpose

Event textiles

Bachelorette party or corporate event – we can always have it customized by printing on textile items

Venue restrictive equipment

An essential prerequisite for mass events

Up-to-date printing solutions for event planning

Events and promotions are becoming an increasingly common feature of the marketing and promotional mix of companies. Along with their frequent conducting, there is a rising demand for better organization, a more effective presentation of participants and organizers, as well as growing expectations of visitors and guests.

While producing printed materials, promotional and corporate products, as well as printing of media and materials used for the production of corporate event equipment, Printstudio 21 focuses on:

Printing on media the enables the re-use of the printed material, while maintaining the quality and good vision of advertising products.
We will offer you suitable alternatives for some of the most popular advertising and information equipment used in the organization of almost any corporate event.

Better personalization of company materials used to facilitate our customers.

Offering more non-standard solutions for advertising events

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