Wallpapers and photo wallpapers

Wallpapers and photo wallpapers

Wallpaper and photo wallpaper printing

If you are an interior designer, decorator, owner of a hotel, restaurant, office space or you need an individual solution for the decoration of a wall or frameless wallpaper door in your home, then we are here to meet your specific requirements.

In order to achieve a particular vision for your home or interior design:

  • We print following a design individually prepared for you by our Design department experts.
  • We print an image, design or pattern that you like or have already found in stock image sites, such as Shutterstock – https://www.shutterstock.com/. When choosing an image, make sure the file resolution is appropriate with good enough quality for printing in large size. Our experts are available for consultation if you have difficulty finding the desirable design or figuring out which file is suitable for printing and has the required resolution.
  • We print ready-made files prepared in line with your interior project

3 main benefits of customized wallpapers:

  • Custom solutions – we achieve the right vision for you according to interior design and furniture
  • Personalization – In furnishing and branding of offices, hotels, restaurants and bars, we achieve the desirable look of your business facility, thus reflecting your brand. Using wallpapers in such cases gives a much warmer look of the premises and predisposes visitors and customers.
  • Custom size photo wallpapers – it is not necessary to take into consideration the selected photo wallpaper and the measurements of your wall or room. We will do it for you.

Type of paper and inks for photo wallpapers

Water-based latex inks are used for wallpaper and photo wallpaper printing; they are designed for indoor application – odorless, maximally environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless.
The printing paper is wallpaper type with various widths – 91 cm, 105 cm, 127 cm, etc., of heavy weight and high density. Your wallpaper/photo wallpaper can be of various textures and emboss patterns – faux wood paper, linen texture paper, plaster texture paper, etc.

Photo wallpaper installation

The installation of custom wallpapers on request enables edge to edge gluing, without overlapping. This technique ensures smooth transition, eliminates bumps and does not disrupt the wallpaper appearance.

Wallpaper and wall decoration

Photo wallpapers are one of the most effective ways to change the look of the interior through decoration.
If well selected, they can:

  • bring an incredibly different feeling in your home
  • contribute to the desirable vision of your business facility.

Wallpapers are also the perfect finish for wallpaper frameless doors. They are a great option to create emphasis on this modern and attractive interior element. The aesthetics of invisible doors is particularly noticeable when the finish of the door and the wall, on which it is mounted, is just as impressive.

Guidelines for submitting files

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