Stage solutions

Stage solutions

Stages and decor

Printing solutions are widely used in the production of stages and decors


The production of studios and studio decors includes complex interior and advertising solutions

Backdrops for photography

Printing significantly enhances photographers’ options and choices

Acoustic panels and fabrics

Sound insulation and branding of the premises in one solution

Studio and stage solutions with the help of printing technology

In our practice we have had the chance to succeed in the implementation of a number of projects related to the printing of solutions for studios, decors, stages and halls. This has always been interesting and challenging for us. Experience comes from all that.

Our specialization in textile printing, combined with our professional experience in the field of creating advertising solutions and event solutions, enable us to implement a large part of your projects of stage design and studio design. For years we have been working with partners highly specialized in the design of stages, decors and studios, assisting them in printing on fabric, foil, panels and various materials.

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