Printed materials for hotels and restaurants

Printed materials for hotels and restaurants

Industry specific printing solutions

We create complex printing solutions for hotels and restaurants.

Standard small printed and advertising materials, such as hard and soft cover menus, daily/lunch menus, bill books, brochures, table pyramids, etc.

Specific printing solutions for the HoReCa industry:

  • Hotel room signs and numbers
  • „Do Not Disturb‘‘ door hanger signs for hotel rooms
  • „Reserved“ table signs and Reception Desk signs
  • Staff badges and nameplates
  • Printing of standard paper placemats
  • Printing of specific greaseproof paper for wrapping food products such as Pergamin and Pergafin. For sandwich and burger wrapping, for lining serving dishes of fried food and French fries at restaurants and cafes.
  • Production (design, sewing and printing) of custom aprons for bartenders, waiters, maids and chefs.
  • Printing and production of custom tablecloths and table runners for restaurants and hotels.
  • Printing of entrance mats with logo and individual design
  • Printing of beach and pool towels
  • Printing of curtains and blinds with individual design
  • Printing of wallpapers with individual design

In addition to small printing solutions, we also produce large ones, such as signs, 3D letters and logos, various interior elements and others.

The process of making advertising solutions involves preparation of a conceptual design in case you do not have one, suggestions for the type of articles and production of the final product according to parameters set by you.

Our design team will also assist you in cases where you start from scratch and launch a new facility and/or brand. We will provide you with a thorough visual concept in relation to your target audience and the interior concept of the physical facility. We will include a logo, brand guides, vision of individual products considering the principle of brand consistency. We will also advise you on the list of printed materials that would be needed for a particular project of yours.

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