Printing on furnishing fabrics and upholstery

Printing on furnishing fabrics and upholstery

Custom design for upholstery and furnishing fabrics

We perform printing on appropriate fabrics for upholstery and furnishing. The fabrics are required to be polyester or with high polyester content, white based and specialized for soft furnishings.

Furnishing fabrics could be:

  • Fabrics used by you – if you are soft furnishing manufacturers. In that case we may assist in production process;
  • Fabrics suggested by us in case you wish to customize soft furnishings for hotels, establishments, private homes. This involves printing of furnishing fabrics for sofas, stools, armchairs, bar stools/stork stools in hotel lobbies, restaurants, casinos, bars. Places where customization of soft furnishings is incorporated in the interior design of the facility. If you need to reupholster and refresh the environment of your facility, it is a fairly common practice to seize the moment and bring in your ideas and design;
  • Sun lounger fabrics – if you wish to have your own design or put the logo of your brand on sun lounger cushions at hotels or pools. We use, offer and print on specialized impregnated sun lounger fabrics, which are waterproof. The same can be used for upholstery of garden furniture in outdoor bars and restaurants, hotels, very busy places with high risk of staining and wetting;
  • Fabrics for soft furnishings and bean bags. We design, print and produce bean bags and bean bag chairs for corporate offices, beach bars, kid centers and your home in case you want to customize them with your logo and special design.

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