Advertising textile

Advertising textile

Promotional textile items for companies

Promotional and corporate textile items are increasingly gaining popularity due to the wide use of the products by consumers.

We prepare and print the following advertising textile products:

  • Promotional towels – We offer sublimation printing of promotional beach towels available in 4 possible sizes:
    0.50 m х 0.30 m
    m х 0.50 m
    1.40 m х 0.70 m
    1.60 m х 0.80 m

    The print is highly durable, resistant to UV rays and mechanical influences. The colors are preserved even when washed at very high temperature and dried. The printing side is made of microfiber and the non-printing one is 100% cotton.
    This type of towels is used in promotional campaigns, as souvenir advertising, at events of various kinds.

  • Promotional tote bags – We produce and print promotional textile bags with individual design in line with your corporate identity and/or your company logo. The totes are made according to your chosen size, sewing pattern and fabric.

    Promotional bags are used in advertising campaigns as part of promo packages. They are suitable for use as fabric beach bags with an appropriate sewing pattern, for shopping and in everyday life.

  • Entrance mats with logo – Commercial facility mats with custom design. The doormats have non-slip rubber base. The print is sublimation which guarantees color durability.

    There are six possible sizes:
    0.56 m х 0.36 m
    0.70 m х 0.45 m
    0.86 m х 0.56 m
    1.16 m х 0.81 m
    1.46 m х 0.81 m
    1.96 m х 0.96 m

  • Promotional fleece blankets and scarves – Individual design with advertising and corporate vision of blankets and scarves. They are used for promotional purposes, corporate gifts, as well as in service of restaurant customers for outdoor use in cold weather. The design options are limitless. We also print and make products for your product line for merchandising purposes.

    Printing is performed on fleece fabric through sublimation with a very high quality of printed images and durability of colors.

    Available sizes:
    Scarf – 0.30 m х 1.30 m
    Blanket – 0.75 m х 1.00 m
    Blanket – 1.00 m х 1.50 m
    Blanket – 1.20 m х 1.50 m
    Printing on fabric roll – width 1.60 m
  • Badge lanyards – Double-sided printing on badge lanyards. These are used in organizing events, fairs and conferences. Tipycally the concept includes a company logo and inscription in the corporate colors. Badge lanyards are also used in various centers where it is required to wear a badge. In that case the design is thematic and in accordance with the vision of the institution for which it is prepared.
    Lanyard length is as per customer request.

  • Individually designed satin ribbons – Used for wrapping and product wrapping arrangement, corporate gifts, Christmas gifts for customers and for other decorative purposes.

  • Advertising clothing – We print logos, inscriptions and corporate elements on company clothing, restaurant uniforms, promotional clothing, etc.

  • Advertising cushions with logo – We make custom design cushions following customer-specified sizes and filling density. For decoration with inscriptions and logo of office spaces, restaurants, hotels, etc.

  • Eyeglass wipes – Sublimation printing on eyeglass microfiber cloths. Standard size and individual design.

  • Advertising aprons – Printing and production on advertising aprons. Sewing patterns and sizes as per customers’ requirements. Custom design. Used to individualize company clothing at cafes and restaurants by adding the logo and vision of the facility. Suitable for promotional events and campaigns.

We can provide you with a design, printing and production of:
Cooking aprons
Bartender aprons
Promotional aprons
Waiter aprons

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