Acoustic panels and fabrics

Acoustic panels and fabrics

Noise and sound insulation

Noise and sound proofing is a basic requirement for some activities and facilities, such as recording studios, radio studios, nightclubs, and it is a convenience for places that seek such functionality.

Soundproofing for bars and nightclubs

In order to fulfill this goal we use acoustic fabric that can cover a large area of the walls. The fabric can be stretched on aluminum frames or a photo wall type can be used. Thus, in addition to sound absorption, we also contribute to the facility interior decor. The fabric is printable, so you can achieve any desirable vision, from the logo and name of the facility to high-impact design effects.

Soundproofing for radio and recording studios

We print acoustic fabric for recording and radio studios that is used in the production of acoustic panels. You can have your logo and brand detals printed on it. In addition, acoustic fabric may also be used as a soundproofing barrier in the production of space divider screens.
We offer acoustic fabrics that are of different texture and the appropriate one for you is selected in accordance with the purpose of the project. We may also print on your fabric if you have one.

Noise insulation at exhibitions

If an interview is required from a participant during specific exhibitions and conferences, curved fabric walls are used in order to eliminate the extraneous noise of the recording and separate the interviewer and the interviewee from the other attendees. These walls effectively create space for photos with a specific background, and at the same time, clear recording is achieved when an acoustic printed fabric is used.

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