Labels and packaging

Labels and packaging

Production and printing of labels, packaging and boxes for your product

Labels and packaging are the final step through which you create the image of your products in the production chain.


We offer labels made of paper, cardboard, vinyl and textile. We print on sheets as well as on rolls. The vision can be highly varied because of the different types of media used, the coating and die-cutting, which gives different forms to the label.

The labels can be produced on self-adhesive paper and self-adhesive vinyl. They are used for different products – boxes, packages, bottle labels, etc.
We also print variable data barcode labels.

We produce hanging labels such as clothing labels, printed on paper of different weight and hardness.
We also print clothing tags made of fabric.

Packaging and boxes

Product packaging is of huge importance in reference to product merchandising and consumer’s purchasing decision. The packaging design, the materials used and its production are involved in building the overall final impression of your product.

Our design department in collaboration with a marketing expert will create a project and offer you options for its implementation based on the product type, size and weight, including the desirable impression and customer preferences towards the product.
Product packaging can be more standardized for larger product lines, as well as luxury cardboard boxes and packaging for high-value products.

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