Printing of sports textile for the production of sportswear for particular and niche sports

Sports textile sublimation printing is one of the areas in which we have been actively developing for years. We partner with several big companies that produce specialized sporting clothes for professional sports. We perform fabric sublimation printing for the production of:

  • Cycling and spinning clothing
  • Trekking clothing
  • Marathon clothing
  • Water sports clothing – swimming, surfing, rafting and diving
  • Winter sports clothing – skiing and biathlon
  • Triathlon clothing
  • Football, volleyball and other sports clothing
  • Gymnastics clothing
  • Yoga clothing

Sports textile printing is a process that involves multiple steps – color sampling, design, prepress preparation, sublimation. Quality control is precisely carried out at each of these steps to obtain a final product that meets high standard criteria. Samples and prototypes of the product are prepared, as well as color samples to ensure that the printed colors match with those set by the client.

We perform sports textile sublimation printing on pre-cut pieces, fabric rolls, elastic bands and braids with a minimum percentage of polyester and polyamide fibers of 80%.

The most popular fabrics used in sewing sports clothing are breathable, windproof or waterproof that dry very quickly and do not retain moisture to the skin. Their variety is huge and it is easy to find alternatives for every budget or quality as per customer’s desires.

We own several sublimation printers, one of which is a six-color machine, enabling us to print on textile and with neon inks.

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