Interior solutions

Interior solutions

Wallpapers and photo wallpapers

Designer wallpapers and wallpaper printing for individual custom projects


Printing posters and pictures on photographic paper – the easiest way to breathe life into the interior

Art prints

Reproduction of paintings on canvas is regarded as “a classic in its genre”

3D wall decoration

3D wall decorations add identity to your premises and business

Decorative vinyl solutions

Classic decorative vinyl and non-standard decorative vinyl with special effects

Interior textile

Печат върху интериорен текстил и изработка за индивидуализиране на продуктите ви

Decorative cushions

Custom design, sublimation and production of decorative cushions for interior projects of commercial areas like hotels, restaurants offices and for private use

Printing on furnishing fabrics and upholstery

Upholstery fabric printing for the needs of furniture manufacturing and individual projects in the field of HoReCa industry

Interior fabric blinds

Personalization of details for your interior design project according to a creative ideaor or brand guidelinesт

Non-standard design ideas

Printing and production of non-standard elements based on interior design projects

Application of printing in interiors

The new printing techniques, the increasing quality of printed images and instalatation of the final product, as well as the options for combining various materials enable the wide take-up of digital and sublimation printing in the interiors.

With the help of printing we are able to fulfill increasingly diverse ideas in the field of interior solutions.

There are countless options in terms of wall decoration; the decorative vinyl finds various applications; printing of custom design wallpapers and designer wallpapers can completely change the interior with a single touch. Interior textile printing offers opportunities for individual home decor style, as well as implementation of individual projects for corporate clients as for hotels, restaurants and offices. By combining techniques and materials we manage to fulfill and develop non-standard and complex design solutions for individual and public interiors.

The positive aspects of using printing in the interiors:

  • Achieving a high degree of individuality and distinctive style in the design of private homes and public interior spaces.
  • Strengthening your brand. Gaining higher brand recognition by incorporating company colours, logo and brand elements in the interior design of your office, store, hotel, restaurant, beauty studio and fitness center, as well as any other commercial facility or public space.
  • Flexibility and more opportunities right from the designing stage.
  • A variety of new decor ideas and implementation options.

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