Fabric printing fot the fashion industry

Fabric printing fot the fashion industry

Fashion textile sublimation printing

We print textile of fabric rolls and pre-cut pieces for clothes in the fashion industry. They may be used for the production of the whole garment, as well as individual parts and details of it.

Fabrics should contain at least 80% polyester or other synthetic fabric due to the specifics of transfer printing. Here the quality of image and printed colors is very high, the colors are saturated and with clear details. They do not fade when washed and exposed to sun and are not affected by mechanical influences. Sublimation printing fabrics may be washed at very high temperature and may undergo a drying process without damaging the print.

In fashion industry transfer printing may be used for the production of dresses and other designer clothes, tunics, beachwear, bath robes, pyjamas, leggings, etc.

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