Fair stand branding

Fair stand branding

Printing and installation of vinyl, banner medium and other elements for branding of exhibition and fair stands

Over the years Printstudio 21 has gained experience in various activities accompanying the preparation of fair stands at multiple national and international fair exhibitions.

How can we help prepare an exhibition stand?

Different approaches can be used for an exhibition stand layout depending on company’s budget for the event, as well as the conceptual design. You may choose standard aluminum exhibition structures to make your stand, or you may prefer a different approach with individually designed project that helps you stand out from others (often these are complex design large-area stands, two-story stands). In any case, the finishing touches and appearance of the exhibition area come from the quality designed and professionally executed layout! If the designer of your stand is responsible for the first part, we are responsible for the second. Over the years we have been part of the realization of hundreds of stands at dozens of exhibitions – Agra, Vinaria, Truck Expo, Bata Agro, annual Autumn Fairs at International Fair-Plovdiv, multiple specialized automobile and other exhibitions at Inter Expo Center and throughout the country, as well as our participation as a subcontractor in dozens of international events. All that gives us confidence to say that we are experts in this area.

  • Vinyl printing and installation – We work with all types of vinyl from established manufacturers. Design, printing, cut & print, installation on various surfaces – panels, walls, glass windows, vehicles, etalbond.
  • Banner medium printing and installation
  • 3D and illuminated letters and signs
  • Design, print and installation of wallpapers
  • Sublimation fabric printing – used for printing of media for LED banners, textile walls and textile frames, hanging friezes, printing of customized floor coverings – carpets, rugs or entrance mats, printing of other interior solutions – curtains, bed covers, printing of upholstery fabrics for individual solutions, etc.
  • Interior solutions including the use of Scandinavian moss and various panels, signs and lighting
  • Production and installation of information signs and boards, structures and printing of media for banners

Who do we help with the branding of exhibition stands?

  • Exhibition builders and designers of exhibition stands
  • Companies that have decided to take part in a fair exhibition

Do you need a reliable business partner?

We understand the importance of presenting your business and products to customers and partners. We are here to help you with the best solution and implementation.