Wide-format printing

Wide-format printing

Large-size advertising

Whether you are planning to carry out your next outdoor advertising campaign or BTL activity, organize participation in an event, brand a store, an office or a vehicle, wide-format printing comprises a huge part of the realization of your idea.

What is wide-format printing?

Wide-format printing is digital printing with over 45 cm width. It is used when a relatively large image should be printed out. Specialized wide-format printers are used, which apply inks to flexible media on a roll by means of inkjet (drop-on-demand) technology.

At Printstudio 21 we operate with four high-tech printers for wide-format printing of products for indoor use (1200 dpi) and media for outdoor advertising (600 dpi). The high-resolution printers that are used to print media for indoor spaces enable very high quality of printed images. At the same time, the print technology used grants the production of an environmentally friendly end product without any residual odor due to the absence of volatile substances.

High-quality and high-volume printing

Inkjet technology in wide-format printing has been developing rapidly over the last two decades.

These innovations allow improvement and maximum precision of print quality and colour. In order to reach a higher level, some projects require preparation of colour samples. This helps us achieve a colour identical to already branded space, another material or a colour printed with different printer. It is sometimes necessary to prepare colour samples in actual size in order to assess the specifics of the vision of the finished product as well as to get an overall idea. Another advantage brought by new technologies is the automation and ability to set up new generation wide-format printers to operate around the clock without human presence. Being among the largest printing companies in Plovdiv and Southern Bulgaria, specializing in wide-format printing, we have invested in a sufficient number of high-tech equipment and experienced professionals. That enables us to carry out large-volume outdoor campaigns which require short deadlines for order execution and quick response.

What is wide-format printing used for?

Wide-format printing occupies a large share of advertising and branding. From posters larger than standard A4 size to huge building wraps. Print roll width is 3.20 cm but vision size as a final result is not limited to these parameters. We create large-scale visions, achieved by thermal seaming. Such examples are blind facade printing with approximate size from 50 to 600 square meters and more, wrapping of buildings, etc.

Who is wide-format printing for?

  • Outdoor agencies – to implement outdoor advertising campaigns and all forms of out-of-home advertising;
  • Advertising agencies and business owners – to brand physical facilities, cars, indoor advertising;
  • Interior studios and owners of businesses and facilities, where printing can provide personalization of interior solutions and implementation of specific projects;
  • Event agencies and trade fair agencies, where wide-format printing supports the realization of fair stands, banners and displays of all types.

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