Sports accessories

Printing and production of sports accessories

The production of personalized sports accessories allows coaches, instructors and owners of gyms, yoga studios and others to create their own accessories, with their logos and designs, thus expanding their business and offering something different to their customers.

By means of sublimation printing on different types of textile, tapes, elastic bands and braids we are able to print and produce different types of accessories, such as:

  • Printing and production of fabric yoga bags with a specific sewing pattern, which may easily accommodate your yoga mat, towel, water bottle, smartphone and other small personal items;
  • Printing of branded towels for sports halls and gyms
  • Printing and production of yoga bolsters and yoga meditation pillows, as we strictly consider the stuffing firmness in line with your requirements and the product type
  • Printing and sewing of braids for producing custom fitness lifting straps with your brand and unique design
  • Printing of medal ribbons
  • Printing of sports drawstring bags
  • Printing of sports caps with or without visor

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