Printed materials for events

Printed materials for events

Small printed materials for events

Small items at an event often create a great impression.

Cards and invitations will be the first thing that people invited will see. Do not underestimate them – from concise and clear to richly decorated and themed wedding invitations. We will get involved with the production – design and printing of invitations and cards.

To create a good impression and a positive image, it is good to consider other products that you may need during the event:

  • Table accessories, such as pyramids and table stands, drink coasters, ribbons and bands with inscription and logos, printing of table name plates.
  • Small gifts and souvenirs for your guests, such as branded scarves, memory sticks, notebooks, bags and many other promotional gifts – all this is important. The only thing to consider is the type of event – corporate, private, formal or informal, as well as the theme and occasion.
  • Badge printing, name plates, badge lanyards – we can assist you with these items that are essential for the organization of conferences and press conferences.
  • Balloons with inscription and logo – products which help with event personalization and festive atmosphere.

If you are an advertising or event agency, we will offer you complex solutions in one place. If you organize your own party or event, we will help you not only with the design and production, but also with ideas and a list of things you would need.

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