Digital printing

Digital printing

Small advertising items

What is digital printing

Digital printing is used for printing small size corporate and promotional items.

What is digital printing used for? It’s preffered technique when you want to print a small edition because it’ financially optimal compared to the offset printing. The biggest advantage of the digital printing is that it gives you the opportunity to print variables data.

What is it used for

Digital printing makes possible the production of a variety of advertising materials that could be in assistance to businesses.

Some of these include corporate printed materials necessary for every business such as business cards, various in size and type brochures and many others.

Printed products for restaurants and hotels, such as menus, bill books, drink coasters, etc. depending on the needs and goals of the particular business.

Labels, stickers, barcodes, QR code printing for commercial industry.

Many other small printed materials required for the organization of events and promotions, such as invitations and multiple print ideas in line with the campaign.

Printing may be done on various paper or cardboard according to type, density and embossing. It all depends on the desired product, the intended purpose and the budget allocated by you.

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