3D letters and illuminated letters

3D letters and illuminated letters

Illuminated advertising and decorative 3D letters

Where are 3D letters used – for interior use and for exterior façades

3D letters, illuminated or non-illuminated, are commonly used for advertising, image and decorative purposes. These units are suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising – on your facility façade. They are often used in business establishments, hotels, restaurants and clubs, medical institutions and clinics, sports halls, large industrial, administrative and office buildings. TIpically they designate the company name and logo. They also have decorative function and complete the interior of your commercial premises.

Illuminated 3D letters

The selection of materials for their production depends on the function they will perform.
The body of illuminated volumetric letters is made of alurapid and their front side – of coloured or transparent plexiglass. If the plexiglass colour meets your demands, we may use it. If a different colour or effect is desired, we may select a transparent one on which a printable vinyl medium will be mounted. The lighting is LED.

Decorative 3D letters with or without backlit lighting

Volumetric letters can be made of various types of materials – furniture or wood panels, etalbond, styrofoam, as well as a wide range of polymeric materials. They can be without lighting or they can be backlit. These units are a great tool for completing the interior and have both image and aesthetic effects.
They may be mounted on walls, as the method of attachment depends on wall surface materials; they may be fixed on other surfaces and panels. When designed for indoor application, in addition to walls, they are also suitable for reception desks, pay desks, etc.

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