The evergreen of the outdoor advertising

Billboards are considered an all-time classic form of outdoor advertising.

It is an effective solution to give publicity to your brand or business, as long as you observe certain basic rules – good location choice, captivating vision, good message readability, short up to 7 words, visibility of the brand/logo and memorable contact information.

Billboard facilities are positioned at major city intersections, on big boulevards, as well as along the republican road network.

The print medium used is banner – coated and laminated. Since they have different characteristics, the choice depends on the duration of operation, replacement rate, budget and desirable effect. We will provide you with an adequate selection of media according to your requirements.

Standard sizes of billboards are: 4 m x 3 m and 4.10 m x 3.10 m. When you go through the billboard design, note that the visible part should be positioned in the safe zone of 3.80 m x 2.80 m and 3.85 m x 2. 85 m. While preparing the print file, you should follow the printing requirements, which can be found here, or contact our design department to provide you with necessary guidance.

Guidelines for submitting files

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