LED banners

Portable and attractive LED advertising boards

LED banners are an effective way of attracting attention. Vision and advertising messages are much more attractive and noticeable thanks to backlighting. LED banners may be used for interior branding of your store and office, or for exhibitions and events of a temporary nature.

LED banners are easily portable advertising equipment with dimensions of 100 cm x 200 cm x 10 cm and 100 cm x 230 cm x 10 cm. The aluminum profile frame is disassembled, which results in a compact size to carry – 100 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm. LED banners come with an individual transport bag. The concept is printed on a backlit fabric, attached to the frame by cedar (silicone tape). They have a two-way vision. There is LED lighting. Lined close to each other they form a larger advertising wall.

LED banner advantages are as follows:
They are extremely stable as structures due to the width of their profile.
They are easily portable – disassembled into 6 separate slats, placed in a special bag.
With an option to switch between concepts easily according to the event and the advertising or information purpose. The printed fabric is washable and compact for storage.

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