3D wall decoration

3D wall decoration

The different wall decor

3D wall shapes are volumetric 3D elements cut out in different shapes with print. They may be LED backlit creating a greater decoration effect. Decorative wall panels follow the modern trends in interior design and the exceptional diversity of decorative elements.

They are made of foamed PVC and printed directly on it.They are mounted directly on the wall or by spacers.

3D wall shapes are very suitable and attractive for decoration of kids’ room, children’s training centers, children’s clinics – wherever it is required to attract kids’ attention and create specific interior design.

3D wall decor finds particular application in the interior design of restaurants, offices, clinics and reception desks, production of specific wall company logos.

World maps in a volumetric wall-mounted version are very popular if your company operates in different parts of the world or you want to show the location of your offices. It is used by international shipping companies, companies with offices outside the country, companies with offices at different locations throughout the country or if the company’s activities extend to different parts of the country or the world.

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