Printing and design of small stickers

We produce small custom self-adhesive stickers. They hold a large part of printed materials in a business, especially when its activity is related to selling retail products to end users.

Small self-adhesive stickers can be of great help in the following situations:

Stickers for product packaging and boxes
With their help you can completely transform an ordinary or a boring packaging and attract the attention of your customers to the product.
They are also a perfect option if you have a standardized packaging but you wish to differentiate individual products. Thus, you can indicate the products with information for a promotional campaign, designate them as a limited series of products, and add additional details.

Product stickers
In addition to being placed on packaging, stickers may also be affixed to the product itself, such as jars, bottles, CD stickers, warranty stickers, etc.

Promotional campaign stickers
When organizing temporary promotional campaigns on specific occasions, in addition to larger print materials and display posters, smaller self-adhesive stickers are often used. They can be positioned at various places where they will be easily noticed – on advertising displays, product shelves, window displays next to a door handle, glass refrigerated showcases with products in promotion, or on the products themselves.

Small promotional stickers
These are stickers with your logo, brand and other advertising vision that aim at showing your brand or product. They can be used in elevators or on windows of the building where your office is located, at places to display advertisements such as public vehicles – bus seat backs, subway trains, taxis, bus stops or other agreed advertising space. You can also use these stickers to seal packaging or mailing envelopes with your logo.

Information stickers
The purpose of these stickers is to indicate directions for your customers, Entrance and Exit stickers, Access Prohibited stickers, Danger stickers, No Parking stickers, Smoking Prohibited stickers, Face Mask Required stickers, Area Under Video Surveillance stickers and indication sign stickers. They may be affixed to facades, walls, shop windows, floors, garage doors and other facilities.

Fun stickers
When you want to stand out, fun stickers are a great option. They are designed for cars, bathrooms, children, laptops, etc.

Auto stickers
We produce stickers for cars as well as for heavy good vehicles, like Blind spot warning stickers according to the requirements of the Europian Union legislation.

The stickers are printed on self-adhesive film – monomeric, polymeric or cast, and they differ in durability, film thickness and strength of the adhesive layer.
The film may be with a glossy or matte finish, transparent, gold and silver metallic color. The stickers may be of various size and shape.

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