Interior textile

Interior textile

Custom interior textile for the needs of HoReCa industry, for your product line or for home

There are multiple options for personalization of interior textiles for businesses and homes. We have the opportunity to customize hotel textiles, textiles for restaurants and bars, for events and for the home. Sublimation printing is performed – it is characterized with high resistance, being practically eternal, and with extremely high image quality and saturation. Colours are not affected by mechanical, heat and light factors, such as washing, drying, ironing, stretching and rubbing, high temperatures and sunlight.

This feature is due to the penetration of sublimation inks and their sublimation directly to the fabric, rather than application on the fabric. The print requires white base and polymer fabric composition – polyester, polyamide, etc. Natural fabrics up to 30% of the fabric composition may be present. We may provide the fabrics but we may also use the textile fabrics your business works with.

Types of interior textile products we produce for hotels, restaurants, bars, spa centers and private homes:

Decorative pillows
They can be made in different sizes, patterns, pillow density according to your requirements. The design may include decorative and graphic elements, as well as lettering and logos. Often used in the decoration of establishments, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, offices, as well as private homes.

Personalized towels
Printing of hotel towels, beach towels, pool towels, sunbed towels, SPA center towels. Sizes range from smaller towels for gyms and sports clubs to larger beach towels. Applicable to the hotel sector and sports and beauty centers.

Tablecloths, dining mats and table runners
We prepare the design, then we start printing and producing. The design and colours may be placed on the entire product surface or your name and logo may be situated on a discrete patterned background or a monochromatic surface. Printing of such products with your logo is especially useful when it comes to restaurants and establishments that use laundry and dry cleaning services, with a very high risk of swapping your items with other businesses in the same industry. In these cases, even a monochromatic print with a discrete logo is absolutely enough to prevent this problem. Sizes are extremely diverse. Including entirely custom sizes, such as tablecloths for kids’ parties with a length of 6 meters. Our only limitation is the product width, which should not exceed 160 cm.

Applicable to restaurants and bars, hotel restaurants, events that require this type of products, such as tablecloths and table runners for themed parties, personalized tablecloths and wedding table runners, personalized Christmas tablecloths.

Sofa blankets (throw blankets) and bed throws
Another opportunity to customize a textile product with your logo or your own design as per specific requirements. Sofa blankets are made of soft polar fabric in various sizes. Bed throws can be designed according to your own size or the standard bed sizes.

Textile blinds and curtains
We prepare a design for your product, then we print it and produce it with the appropriate mechanisms.
The fabric we use for printing blinds is a specialized polyester fabric for blinds. The width of the blinds is between 50 cm and 60 cm. The mechanism types include roller blinds and Japanese wall blinds. Extremely suitable for offices – blinds with your logo and brand motifs, for restaurants and bars, as well as for personalizing children’s rooms. Curtains can be made of fabric of different density and texture.

For your product line
We design and print textile interior products with your design, logo and brand motifs.

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