Interior fabric blinds

Interior fabric blinds

Printing on specialized fabrics for blinds

Thanks to the sublimation on textiles we are able to offer personalization on fabric blinds. In addition to printing the fabric, we can manage and execute the whole process from the design idea to the final product – development of the design concept according to the rest of the interior or the brand book of your company, finishing and sewing processes and affixing all the mechanisms.
We can print on your own fabric or we can offer you one. Textiles that are used for that purpose are specific. It must be with special characteristics, like thickness and finishing, so it falls heavily enough and doesn’t cause creases and folds. It could be blackout textile in order to block the light.

The personalized textile blinds are used for private homes, especially for kids’ rooms, for kindergartens and schools, for commercial and public places, like office spaces, retail and hospitality industry. For hotels and restaurants – personalizing and branding gives the opportunity one more detail from the interior design to comply with the concept and rest of the outlook.

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