Scrolling boards

Scrolling boards

Advertising combined with movement is more effective

Scrolling boards perform the same function as billboards and have almost identical appearance. The difference comes from the fact that their vision might not be static. A scrolling board usually displays several different ads.

That increases your chances of getting a desirable position for placing your ad at a busy intersection. That way multiple advertisers can advertise in the same place.

Human eye responds to movement, so the rotation of scrolling board images increases the effect of an advertisement and the chance of it getting noticed. Just like we get attracted to TV screen motion pictures, the same effect is observed with scrolling boards – human eye is attracted by the movement.

Scrolling board ads are printed on special scrolling board paper; individual pieces are joined by zippers. The size depends on the different outdoor agency facilities. We use high-quality paper and zippers, which provide durability required for continuous rotation in the joining area.
We keep in stock all types of paper used by outdoor agencies for their facilities.

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