Decorative vinyl solutions

Decorative vinyl solutions

Vinyl as an element for interior decoration of public spaces

In addition to being a medium for indoor advertising, vinyl can also be used as a decorative element to support interior solutions for your office or commercial facility.

Decorative vinyl is commonly used when you want to find a solution for glass doors, sliding doors, rooms with glass walls that need to be covered, such as spa centers, saunas, beauty studios, shop window decor, etc. In these case the following can be used:

  • Thick vinyl used for cutting, as well as thick print-and-cut film
  • Glass decor vinyl (sandblasting film) in various colours. Sandblasting films are in the sand grey range with different shades; they may be colourful with various effects; they may shine in different colours and different shades, chameleon type. This type of film is mainly used for cutting, but it could also be used for printing if your project requires it.
  • Decorative films made by natural ingridients, such as flowers, rose petals, leafsq moss, cotton, etc.

Decorative films are also used on furniture surfaces to achieve a specific effect, to refresh or change the look of your interior. They are particularly relevant where artistic effects and attractive visions are desired. For furnishing restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, offices and beauty centers. In such cases we use ready-made decorative vinyls of extremely high class of the leading American company, 3M. These foils have various textures and emboss patterns, imitating a variety of surfaces such as leather, metal, concrete, varnish, linen, wood textures, etc. That makes them quite impressive and able to recreate a desirable vision. In addition to installation on furniture surfaces and walls, they may also be used for mounting on glass showcases.

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