Corporate advertising

Corporate advertising

Design and print of business cards on all types of paper – your first presentation in corporate world

Company brochures and catalogues present your products, your company, as well as your promotional campaigns

Not a single missed opportunity to show your business and build your name

Design, print and production of promotional T-shirts – that is a way for you to be everywhere

Printing on fabric enables us not to limit ourselves in the production of corporate advertising materials

Sublimation printing on mugs for your image advertising

Walk your brand wherever your customers walk

Souvenir advertising finds more and more opportunities to become increasingly usable by recipients

A variety of label and packaging printing techniques presents your products in the best light for your customers

Sticker printing and design for every occasion in the commercial area and for private use

These are specific industries which require design of specific printed materials

Corporate advertising is involved in building your image

Corporate advertising is used by each business to serve and support company’s activities.

While designing corporate advertising materials for our customers, we follow certain principles:

We observe consistency in the vision of all printed materials of a brand while preparing the design project, in order to respect corporate identity. We align the vision of printed corporate materials with the available digital assets.

High-quality printing and finishing processes.

Often corporate materials are the first thing that helps your potential customers notice your company or products. Thereby, we are aware they should be visually appealing, directing customers’ attention in the desired direction; the information you want to reach them should stand out well enough; and last but not least, maintain your image.
If necessary, we may perform a colour sample to ensure we obtain the right colour.

We offer a variety of print media and finishing materials to provide a choice and successfully achieve the desired vision of your company or products.

Corporate materials have two functions – informing customers (information materials) and promoting your company and products (advertising materials).

Information printed materials present your company to current and potential customers, along with your contact details, products and services at the point of sale, in the office, during your participation in exhibitions, organized events, business meetings or occasional events such as workshops, etc. Such printed materials are business cards, leaflets, brochures, folders, company catalogues with different ways of finishing, covers and bindings. These also include envelopes, letterheads.
For their production we offer different sizes of formats, folds, weight, printing technology and paper finish, depending on the amount of information to be inserted, design, purpose and views of the client. We advise you on the most appropriate implementation options for you according to your requirements and budget. You have an option to choose the paper type out of the numerous carnets in our design department.

Advertising and marketing materials may be extremely diverse. These are all products in the field of souvenir advertising, printed mugs, printed bottles, promotional textile products such as advertising T-shirts, umbrellas, beach towels, etc. They are usually given out at promotional events for product presentation and to current customers as a gift.

Their function is to remind them about you and present you to a larger group of people. Sometimes your customers may become advertising faces of your brand, using your products in everyday life. Hence, advertising materials, produced and offered lately, are getting more practice-oriented, so that consumers actually need them and want to use them.

We will provide you with many ideas for advertising and promotional articles that we can create. They could bring real value to your customers, be used by them, and thus promote your business as widely as possible.

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